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A partnership between 色情导航 and the Students’ Union devoted to engaging students, staff, and the local community in practical responses to the climate and ecological emergencies.

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Changing the landscape of sustainability

It all began in 2005, when the University and Students' Union formed a partnership that would focus its efforts on promoting activities aimed at raising awareness and engaging with Lancaster students on issues of sustainability. A lot has changed since then, especially the landscape in and around campus. We've expanded as a University, taking on an increasing number of students and a larger estate. As our reach has expanded, so to have our responsibilities for the environment locally and globally.

Fast forward to today, and it's safe to say we've come a long way. We've evolved to become a major platform and voice for people within the Lancaster community to engage with, promote and interact with at a local level. As we continue to drive change on multiple levels across the University and beyond, we are embedding our values and building relationships to ensure that the University does what it can to create a thriving natural environment, reduce carbon emissions and create the sustainability leaders of the future.

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Get involved

Join the our Teams channel for more information about what we do and how you can get involved.

Sustainability and Leadership, Switzerland

Sustainability and Leadership is our flagship learning and development programme delivered in partnership with 色情导航 Global Experiences. We are currently inviting Lancaster students the opportunity to take part in our summer 2024 programme based at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and surrounding region.

Sustainability and Leadership, Switzerland
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Green Lancaster Annual Report

The Green Lancaster Annual Report celebrates the achievements of our inspired network of students, staff, and the wider community at 色情导航 and beyond in 2022/23. Find out more about how our unique community of practice and our invitational approach to bringing people together around collaborative learning journeys creates responses and practical projects with positive impacts for the local community, wider society and the living planet.

Read the report

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Latest News

Projects, campaigns and events

Our projects, campaigns and events are built around the Green Lancaster 10 year plan with activities planned annually and outlined in the Green Lancaster Annual Action Plan. These plans are a key component in ensuring that the objectives set out in both the University's various Sustainability Plans and the Students' Unions Sustainability Strategy are aligned. Our objectives are categorised into the core areas shown below. The corresponding programme of activities and events run all year round and drive physical change, spread awareness and produce real results.

  • Transport and Mobility

    Promoting healthy and active travel locally and facilitating a modal shift to low-carbon travel nationally and internationally.

  • Biodiversity and Agriculture

    The ECO-family of projects; ECOHub, ECOWoods and ECOWild; innovative and sustainable solutions to rejuvenating ecosystem-services and agricultural production.

  • Energy Supply and Demand

    Analysing patterns of energy consumption and prioritising efficiency gains towards zero-carbon living and workspaces.

  • Resources and Circular Economy

    Prioritising the shared and circular economies as the modal solutions to the elimination of material waste.

Our community

Since the inception of Green Lancaster in 2005, we've built strong relationships with charity partners locally, regionally and nationally, as well as with members of the local community, student societies and of course our students and staff. Our community is full of determined, forward thinking people who all share a common desire; to make a difference. Our community is always growing and our events are becoming more and more popular as it does but we will always welcome more people to join so take a look below at how you and your friends can get involved.

Green Societies

The Students' Union website is the home for student societies with a sustainability focus. Maybe you have an interest in growing your own produce at the ECO Hub, or perhaps you want to campaign for action on climate change; we can put you in touch with like-minded people via the Students' Union so that you can drive change during your time at Lancaster!

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Cycling in Lancaster

Cycling is one of the cleanest, quickest and most enjoyable ways to travel between campus and the city with award winning cycle routes connecting us to the surrounding areas. Click the link to view and download the University's Cycle Routes Map.

Cycle Routes Map