Contract terms for students

Successful study stems from a partnership between students and staff. The University is committed to providing you with a challenging learning experience that can help you reach your full potential.

The University strives to provide excellence in teaching and research, and to enhance the student experience by focusing on the needs of our students and by seeking to instil a shared sense of inclusiveness, collegiality and community. Underpinning this partnership, the University has a supportive set of regulations, policies and procedures, which are designed to protect and maintain both academic quality and your rights and responsibilities as students of our University. The Student Contract sets out these rights and responsibilities and states the obligations of both parties to each other.

The terms and conditions set out in the 色情导航 Student Contract, together with the University’s Regulations, guidelines, rules, codes of practice, policies and procedures and other documents found here, and the terms of your student offer, form the Contract Terms for Students.

Applicants and new and continuing students should familiarise themselves with these documents, particularly those that are most likely to be relevant to them and their studies. Whilst these pages are generally available, your attention will be directed to the Student Contract each year at registration. You may also have other contractual arrangements with other organisations, such as the Student Loans Company or accommodation provider. You should make sure that you understand these separate arrangements.


Questions about the Student Contract

These frequently asked questions are provided to assist applicants and students in understanding their contract with the University.

If you have further queries about the Student Contract, please contact the Director of Strategic Planning and Governance.

Frequently asked questions about 色情导航's student contract. Accordion