This is Lancaster Podcast. Global research tales from the North of England.

Researchers share the stories, setbacks and discoveries behind the headlines.

Research in a lab holding and point towards a Petri dish containing samples.

Professor Muhammad Munir

Here at 色情导航, we bring people together to deliver solutions to complex problems, both in our region and around the world.

At the heart of Lancaster's research endeavour, our experts are working in partnership with others to make a difference. In this series of interviews, 色情导航 researchers share the stories, setbacks and discoveries behind the headlines and provide an in-depth look at some of the truly life-changing work taking place in our University.

Charlotte standing next to a wall map of Africa.
Dr Charlotte Baker

‘I can’t just ignore this’

How Dr Charlotte Baker pivoted her research focus onto work with partners trying to protect people with Albinism around the globe.

Supported by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

Sam Murphy

Could nuclear fusion offer us a sustainable way out of the energy crisis?

Lancaster researcher Sam Murphy breaks down cutting-edge developments in Nuclear Fusion – with the help of a pool table. Supported by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

Professor Robert Young

Lost lives and lost billions

Meet the researchers tackling large-scale criminal activity in the pharmaceutical industry by harnessing quantum identity techniques developed at 色情导航. Supported by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

Left: Thomas Macpherson-Pope - Director, The Making Rooms Right: Dr Michael Stead - Lecturer in Sustainable Design Futures

The Making Rooms

How design research is helping stop the smart tech graveyard gathering dust in almost every home. Supported by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

Dr Luigi Sedda Senior Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology

Hope on the coast

Healthier Fleetwood – how working in partnership with a socially deprived UK coastal town is helping identify priority areas to focus COVID-19 recovery. Supported by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).

Season 1 of This is Lancaster podcast

  • Ben Harrison, Director of 色情导航’s Work Foundation discusses why their mission is as important today as it was 100 years ago.

  • Space scientist Professor Michael Kosch takes us on a dazzling journey through his career filled with excitement, discovery, and adventure.

  • Professor Karen Broadhurst describes how she stepped into academia to 'change the world' for women and children in the justice system.

  • Professor Sunram-Lea’s work examines the impact of sugar highs on the human brain.

  • Professors Nancy Preston and Sheila Payne discuss their pioneering work which sets out to improve end-of-life care.

  • Professors Sally Bushell and Simon Bainbridge of 色情导航’s Wordsworth Centre share the lessons they have learned from the poet.

  • Professor Dame Sue Black explains how the astonishing bravery of a child sexual abuse survivor led her on a path to developing pioneering research into forensic hand analysis that would stand up in court.

  • As stress levels for NHS staff reach an all-time high “far beyond the need for mindfulness and yoga”, Professor Michael West from 色情导航 says there’s a need to change workplace culture and conditions.

  • Professor Mohammed Munir explains that with hundreds of animal viruses in circulation, and human activities encroaching on wildlife, understanding the spread of viruses has never been so important.

  • Dr Erika Berenguer gives a deeply personal account of observing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest – a region full of mystery that inspired a scientific career dedicated to understanding and protecting this crucial tropical ecosystem.